Floating Breakwater Portonovo


  • LOCATION: Portonovo (Pontevedra)
  • DOCK SYSTEM: 80 m Concrete floating breakwater in modules of 20 m long, 5 m width and 1.8 m high.
  • ANCHORING SYSTEM:  16 Concrete blocks 12.5 t and 50 m chain Ø40 mm.


Floating dock to improve the shelter of the port of Portonovo in front of the wind waves. Consisting in the construction and installation of 80 m of floating concrete breakwater by means of 4 modules of 20 m long, 5 m wide, 1.8 m of prop, lateral keels, 69 t weight, lower concrete slab. These works will be based on anchoring lines formed by a 40 mm chain with a length of 50 m.

Ronautica Marinas has manufactured in its facilities, transported and installed, the floating concrete breakwaters supplied to the construction company López Cao within the work of improving the shelter in the port of Portonovo promoted by Portos de Galicia.

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