Innovation and sustainability


RONAUTICA QUALITY MARINAS, S.L.U., focus its industrial activity on Design, manufacturing and commercialization of floating structures and accessories for marinas.

Being aware of the level of exigency of the markets in constant evolution, with a competition each time more specialized, the organization defines as their final objective being recognized at international level, for the quality of our product and for the excellence in service and involvement with the client.

Similarly, the management considers Quality, respect for the Environment and Investigation, Development and Innovation, priority factors in the course of its business.

iso 9001

Under this purpose, RONAUTICA QUALITY MARINAS, S.L.U. has implemented a system of Quality and Environment Integrated Policy, under the references UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015, based on the following principles:

  • Achieve the highest level of proficiency and ensure that all our products and services fulfill quality specifications.
  • Provide a fast and reliable response in all aspects, from administrative to operational processes.
  • Minimize the amount of waste generated and the use of resources.
  • Ensure that all activities carried out meet the maximum conditions and pollution prevention.
  • Promote training and motivation of all employees of the company.
  • Commit to constant improvement by defining actions to that purpose.

To make sure of the right application of the Quality and Environment Integrated Policy, RONAUTICA MARINAS, annually stablish quantifiable targets which are object of a continuing evaluation and monitoring report.

These rules which affect and are responsibility of all of us, and each of the members of the organization, are being communicated to all members of the company for its own knowledge, comprehension and fulfillment, and are available for any interested person or entity.


The final objective of Ronautica Marinas, regarding Research & Development, is the Innovation, understood as the successful introduction on the market of the procedures or products developed during the prior phases. 85% of the components which take part of the marinas commercialized by Ronautica Marinas has been developed by the own company.

The R+D+i department objectives are:

  • To carry  out projects that allow us to improve technologically as well as to develop technology related to our productive activity.
  • To promove the training and motivation of our employees and the generation of ideas by work groups.
  • To integrate R+D+i management in the remaining Quality and Environmental management systems.

Since the creation of its department of Research, Development and Innovation in 2003, Ronautica Marinas has participated in projects of R&D with the following entities:


Ronautica Marinas recognizes and establishes as an objective of its business strategy, the promotion of Research and Development activities, which reflects in the improvement of the competitive standing of the company. For this reason, Ronautica has implemented a Research and Development system which allows achieving the following objectives:

  • Execute research and development projects linked to our production processes which allow improving technologically our processes, as well as developing our own technology related to our productive activity.
  • Organize the activities related to research and development via the implementation of a management system, based on the standard UNE 166002, looking for exceed the market expectations and following the current legal framework, as well as continually improving the efficiency.
  • Improve the formation and motivation of our human team, and the incoming of new ideas from our staff. That has a result in research and development projects, which deliver in valued for the market.
  • Establish objectives and achievements which support the Research and Development projects at the company.
  • Integrate the research and development projects and activities together with the rest of the management systems implemented in the company related to quality and environment.


At Ronáutica Marinas we believe in a flexible and productive work culture that allows us to turn our work into a positive factor for our personal development.

Since the year 2016 Ronáutica Marinas has implemented in the company flexibility of labor schedule and teleworking to favor the conciliation of labor and personal life.

The objective is to improve the quality of life of the people who work in Ronáutica Marinas. Improving job satisfaction we increase the productivity and quality of our work.

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