Marina Baiona


  • LOCATION: Baiona, Pontevedra (Spain)
  • DOCK SYSTEM: Aluminum gangway, 12 m long. 204 m Concrete Breakwater, 4 m width. 1286 m Aluminum pontoons 2,5 m up to 3 m width. 1142 m Aluminum fingers, longs 6 m up to 12 m. Concrete floatation for pontoons and Polyester for fingers.
  • CAPACITY / BOAT SIZE: 344 Berths. / 8 m up to 25 m (26’ up to 80’).
  • ANCHORING SYSTEM:  Concrete blocks and chains for the floating breakwater and 79 steel piles, diameter of 508 and 473 mm and 13 m long for pontoons and fingers.


Located in a privileged enclave, in the historic center of the Real Villa de Baiona. It gathers splendid conditions for sports sailing, and is a required scale for recreational boats in transit to Portugal, the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and the Caribbean.

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