Marina Combarro


  • LOCATION: Combarro, Pontevedra (Spain)
  • DOCK SYSTEM: 160 m Concrete Breakwater 4 m wide. 870 m aluminum pontoons with concrete and polyethylene floats.
  • CAPACITY: 310 boats.
  • ANCHORING SYSTEM: Seaflex on the floating breakwater, Piles for floating pontoons.
  • BOAT SIZE: 8 m to 20 m.


Marina located on the north coast of the Pontevedra Bay, awarded with PIANC prize “2012 Marina Excellence Design Jack Nichol Award”.

PIANC is the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure. Quoting the jury: “Combarro Marina was ranked highest as a facility that is safe and easy for boaters to use, well-designed, attractive and appealing to boaters, and utilizes materials and construction methods that are environmentally friendly and minimize impacts on the environment”.

The design of Combarro Marina reflects not only the needs of the boaters it serves, but the surrounding community and environment. Thus, the Recreational Navigation Commission awards the 2012 Marina Excellence.

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