Pearl Island Marina


  • LOCATION: Pedro González Island (Panama)
  • DOCKS: 350 m Pontoons, 2.3 m width. 282 m Fingers 1.5 m width. 69 m Fingers, 1.8 m width. All made in high-strength aluminum structure with polyethylene floatation.
  • FIXED WALKWAYS: First stretch of 100 m of fixed walkway 4 m width. Fixed platform with restaurant and captaincy building. Second stretch of 50 m long and 3 m width ending with an octagon-shaped viewpoint from which the floating pontoons are accessed. Aluminum walkways on steel piles. Own design and execution.
  • CAPACITY: 45 Berths in phase I. / 40’ up to 250’ (12 m up to 76 m).
  • ANCHORING SYSTEM: 77 Steel piles, diameters 406, 610 and 660 mm for a tidal load of 7 m.
  • BOAT SIZE: 40’–up to 250 feet


Located only a 40 miles off-shore south of Panama City, Pedro Gonzalez is the third largest island in the Pearl Islands archipelago in the Pacific sector of Panama. In its more than 400 hectares, this paradise has 14 pristine beaches, and pristine water that is the playground of humpback whales, dolphins and sea turtles.

The private Marina on the west side of the La Peninsula offers 45 berths for yachting and sailing enthusiasts in the initial phase of development. 24 h services, bar, terrace, restaurant, transportation to/from residences, storage for kayaks, paddle board, jet ski, convenience store…

First Class Marina exclusive for residents in the private island.

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