Últimas noticias de Ronáutica Marinas

New protective pontoons for the entrance to the San Francisco Fishermen’s Guild in Vigo

With the installation of a new section of breakwater pontoon at the entrance of the Marina Deportiva in Bouzas, the Vigo Fishermen’s Guild has completed the project “A sea of opportunities”, carried out within the framework of the Local Action Group of the Fishing Sector Ría de Vigo- A Guarda, and financed by the European Maritime Fund for Fisheries (FEMP).

The design and orientation of the outermost section of the marina of the Marina de Bouzas, caused serious damage to the structure and moored boats during storms from the S / SW that affect the Galician coast. This is why, since their creation, the moorings associated with this section of the seawall have been underutilized and remained empty most of the year, adding to the high cost of maintenance for their upkeep. In the last two years part of this section has been dismantled and moved to another location to avoid further damage.

Thanks to the installation of a new 44-meter long and 4-meter wide concrete floating pontoon section designed, manufactured and installed by RONAUTICA MARINAS, the entire port area has been improved, adding new berths and ensuring safer conditions at the other berths by significantly reducing the impact of wind waves generated during winter storms and by other vessel traffic.

The work included the driving of new steel piles, 44 meters of concrete breakwater jetty, a 12-meter special module without steel reinforcement, 5 aluminum fingers and two access walkways.


Below are images of the construction, launching, towing and assembly process of the installation: