Playa Escondida Marina & Resort Panama, Signed!

Ronáutica Marinas signs the execution of First Phase of Playa Escondida Marina & Resort in Panama!

Proud to announce Ronáutica Marinas will build Playa Escondida Marina & Resort Panama, the reference project on the Caribbean Coast.

The contract was signed Monday, April 29 between Mr. Joe Esses Playa Escondida Marina & Resort’s President and Mr. Iván M. Dupont (TECNOPUERTOS, S.A.), Regional Manager of Ronáutica in Central America and the Caribbean.

Playa Escondida Marina & Resort is located in the Republic of Panama, in the beautiful coastal area of the Costa Arriba region in the Caribbean Sea; specifically 20 kilometers before reaching Portobelo, Colón. The complex is accessible solely through a private road in the middle of the mountain range that ends in a breathtaking valley with two kilometers of seafront, where the project is being developed.

The still waters at Portobelo make Playa Escondida the perfect place to set up a modern marina, equipped with the necessary infrastructure for an optimal operation and safety for your yacht.

Marina services: A two-story building with an approximate 1410 m2 area holds the administrative office, and maintenance and monitoring center. Also, public restrooms, laundry room, a mini-mart, store, bar and restaurant. All facilities have their own parking space at the front area.

The marina will have reinforced aluminum floating docks, a fuel dock with concrete flotation and all services to accommodate 28 vessels of up to 60 feet in this first phase. The inauguration of the marina is scheduled for before the end of 2019.

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