The excellence and variety of our projects define us

Pearl Island Marina

YEAR OF INSTALLATION: 2014 DOCKS: Aluminum pontoons and fingers. FIXED WALKWAYS: 100m x 4m width + 50m x 3m width + fixed platform for restaurant. CAPACITY: 45 boats in phase I ANCHORING SYSTEM: Piles 406, 610 and 660 mm diameter. BOAT SIZE: 40’–up to 250 feet Located only a few miles off-shore south of Panama […]

Marina Combarro

YEAR OF INSTALLATION: 2007 DOCKS: 160 m Concrete Breakwater 4,00 m width. 870 m. aluminum pontoons with concrete and polyethylene floats. CAPACITY: 310 boats. ANCHORING SYSTEM: Seaflex on the floating breakwater, Piles for floating pontoons. BOAT SIZE: 8m to 20m. Marina Awarded with 2012 PIANC prize Marina Excellence Design Jack Nichol Award. Using the words […]

Marina Davila Sport

YEAR OF INSTALLATION: 2005 DOCKS: 320 m Concrete Breakwater 4,30 m width. 1592 m. aluminum pontoons. 258 m of fingers. Concrete and polyethylene floats. CAPACITY: 150 boats. ANCHORING SYSTEM: Seaflex on the floating breakwater, Piles up to 810mm diameter and 32m long for floating pontoons. BOAT SIZE: 12m to 80m Marina reference in North of […]

Marina Campeche Country Club

YEAR OF INSTALLATION: 2016 DOCKS: 400m aluminium pontoons with polyethylene floats. Fingers 6m - 18m long. 180m2 of fixed platform at the entrance. 60 jet-ski floating platforms. CAPACITY: 90 boats, 60 jet-ski ANCHORING SYSTEM: Steel piles 508 and 410 mm diameter. Type of soil: rock. BOAT SIZE: 24' to 60' EXECUTION TME: 5 months. URL: […]

La playita de Amador

YEAR OF INSTALLATION: 2015 DOCKS: Concrete pontoons 3m width. Concrete fingers 1,8 m width, 16m - 22m long, produced in one piece. CAPACITY: 40 boats. ANCHORING SYSTEM: Steel Piles 406, 508 and 610 mm diameter. BOAT SIZE: 50'–up to 120 feet EXECUTION TIME: 8 months. Pontoons for the second phase expansion of this Boutique Marina. […]

Karpaz Gate Marina

YEAR OF INSTALLATION: 2011 DOCKS: 870 m Aluminum pontoons 3 m width. MOORING SYSTEM: Med mooring system for big boats, fingers for small boats. CAPACITY: 296 slips. ANCHORING SYSTEM: 54 steel piles 508 and 406 mm diameter. BOAT SIZE: 8m up to 40 m URL: Awarded with the highest qualification at the standard Gold Anchor […]

Do you know what type of exclusive marinas we design and built?

Then, take a look to the last projects we've made: Pearl Island and Vistamar Marinas.

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