Karpaz Gate Marina


  • LOCATION: Turkish Republic of North Cyprus
  • DOCK SYSTEM: 35 m Aluminum gangways. 870 m Aluminum pontoons of 2 m up to 3 m wide. 432 m Aluminum fingers. Polyethylene floats and polyester floats for high freeboard.
  • MOORING SYSTEM: Med mooring system for big boats, fingers for small boats.
  • CAPACITY: 296 Berths.
  • ANCHORING SYSTEM: 54 Steel piles, diameter from 400 to 559 mm.
  • BOAT SIZE: 6 m up to 55 m (20’ up to 132’).
  • URL: http://www.karpazbay.com/


Karpaz Gate Marina is located on the North side of the Karpaz Peninsula.

Awarded with the highest qualification at the standard Gold Anchor for its installations and services, it was the first modern marina executed in the north of Cyprus. Ready to receive ships up to 55 m, it has a dry-dock, shopping area, hotel and customs free area

Anchor gold award

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