Only one contractor. That's the concept at Ronautica Marinas.

We design, manufacture and assemble the marina as a whole. We use a single contractor for all the process, in order to keep it simple.

We take care of previous studies and on site surveys with specialized engineering. We build the pontoons in our facilities and assemble with our own staff and equipment so the responsibility is coordinated and there is no conflict among subcontractors. We offer leading brands worldwide for all accessories required: pedestals, pump out systems, Seaflex, lighting, cranes, helping the client with choices and integrating all the materials in the project.

Background of 25 years experience.

We have built marinas on islands with no infrastructure, difficult access locations and very complicated logistics. We pride ourselves in having staff on site with unparallelled experience. We solve all kinds of situations, professionally and enhancing quality as well as cost.

Trust our specialists.

Wharf assembly in Portugal

Take a look to this private pontoon installation made in Portugal to know how our staff make the assembling

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