Only one contractor. That's the concept we offer in Ronautica Marinas.

We are used to design, manufacture and assemble the entire marina. To simplify to the client the process of building and unify under a single contractor the entire development.

We take care of previous studies and on site surveys with specialized engineering. We built the pontoons in our facilities and proceed to the assembly with our own staff and equipment so the responsibility is coordinated and there are no conflicts between different subcontractors. We offer leading brands worldwide for all accessories that may be required: pedestals, pump out systems, Seaflex, lighting, cranes, advising the client on his election and integrating all the materials in the project.

Back ground of 25 years of experience behind us.

We have built marinas on islands with no infrastructure, difficult access locations and very complicated logistics. We pride ourselves in having a staff on site with an unmatchable experience. Accustomed to solve all kinds of situations, and to do so with professionalism and prioritizing the quality of the work and not only the cost.

Trust on specialists.

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