Ocean Reef Marina & Yacht Club


  • LOCATION: Panama City (Panama)
  • YEAR OF INSTALATION: 2019-2020.
  • DOCK SYSTEM: Reinforced aluminum floating docks with concrete and polyethylene floats. Main dock 5,00 m width. Fingers up to 45 m long 2,4 m width. Fuel Dock - Private Slips.
  • CAPACITY / BOAT SIZE: 210 Berths. From 40´up to 200´ (12 m – 60 m).
  • ANCHORING SYSTEM:  150 steel piles Ø558 and 406mm diameter for a tide variation of 6,5 m


The Marina is currently on construction with a floating yacht club with private restaurant and bar. Exclusivity and Luxury have never been so obvious in any development. Ocean Reef residents are only those who enjoy the finer things in life, for them quality is not a desire, it is a reality. With this person in mind, Ocean Reef Islands have been created. Being a member of the Ocean Reef community is a privilege

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