Pantalán de hormigón de Vilagarcía


  • LOCATION: Vilagarcía, Pontevedra (Spain)
  • DOCK SYSTEM: Fixed platform in cantilever of 6 m long and 2.5 m wide for anchorage an articulated-sliding gangway 16 m long and 1.5 m wide, both with high-strength aluminum structure. 1 Line of 3 Concrete floating modules of 22x4x1.1m. Own design and execution.
  • CAPACITY / BOAT SIZE: 3 Berths. / Up to 65’ (Up to 20 m).
  • ANCHORING SYSTEM:  6 Steel piles 660 mm diameter for a tide load of 4.3 m.


Project located in the ramp of Cavadelo of the port of Vilagarcia, entailing the demolition of 70 m of impaired dam and replacement of this by a concrete breakwater, consisting of three modules of 22x4x1.1 m, fixed by steel piles with a platform in cantilever of 6x2.5 m and access gangway of 16x1.5 m, both with aluminum structure.

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